I appreciate your question at the end of the article. Good stuff. Yes, you may have missed something new. New Utah Company that has Invented New Security Tech

My firm Cryptid Technologies includes two of the top cryptographers in the world and both live in SLC. We have invented new security tech using cryptography that addresses a couple of very big problems.

First, our tech allows humans, devices and business to execute interactions and transactions by proving they comply with policies and regulations using Zero Knowledge Proofs. As you know, ZKPs are a way for a “prover” to convince a “verifier” that a statement about some secret information is true without revealing the secret itself. It's one of the hottest topics in security investments today.

Secondly, with our tech, and this is new, data in a bank or a credit union, for example, never leaves the institution that owns it. Today, data is literally sprayed all over the place and we all know what the result has been. We also all know it's not getting better unless we use new tech and new strategy. Cryptid is.

So, the implications for fraud reduction and data security improvement at scale are enormous.

Our tech makes it possible, for the first time, to combine authentication with policy and regulation compliance, all at once with real time revocation at scale. Integration is a few lines of code, clients use their own tech, no blockchain is required and no wallets are required. Examples of use cases include bank customer security, lending solutions, digital rights management, a private twitter between politicians and constituents, NFTs, Twitter itself, Web3, and HIPPA based medical companies.

Rick Cranston

CCO, Cryptid Technologies

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Anyone in CSPM has the potential?

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