Frankly Speaking

A biweekly(-ish) newsletter on random thoughts on enterprise tech from the perspective of a VC and recovering academic.

Most tech content is now flashy and oversimplifies the exciting technical details. I think that's not cool.

In this biweekly(-ish) newsletter, I share random thoughts that interest me as both a VC and a recovering academic. My writing tends to have a good amount of technical substance that most VCs avoid. 

Some more about me… I am an investor at Dell Technologies Capital, where I focus on enterprise infrastructure startups, specifically security, AI/ML, and cloud infrastructure. I did my PhD at MIT where my research focused on protecting user data in large-scale, distributed web services. Out of boredom, I blogged about interesting research projects and started a cybersecurity summer program called Cybersecurity Factory, where I incubated 14 early stage companies. 

This is free, and I won't share your email with 3rd parties. After all, I did do a PhD in security and privacy. You can learn more about my past life on my website. To get a sense of content in my newsletters, you can find previous ones here.

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